Topology optimization or “How to let your computer design your products”

I’ve recently made the switch from Autodesk Inventor to Fusion 360 for all my CAD work. I couldn’t be happier about this, and one of the things I started playing with is topology optimization.

Topology optimization is a method in which the computer creates an optimized design based on the forces and contact surfaces which you specify. This method is integrated into Fusion 360, and it’s an amazing tool to easily optimize designs. Just look at this amazing motorcycle frame created using the same technique.

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As a designer using this method, you simply specify the constraints and loads of your model, and create an envelope in which the design can exist. Then you let the computer do the rest, just look at this example.

Autodesk has a whole series of tutorial videos up on Youtube, and it is all I needed to get started with this method of design. The video below has everything you need to get started with topology optimization in Fusion 360.

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