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The importance of boredom

I write about creativity and productivity, these are 2 things that I’m passionate about and have struggled with. It’s easy when reading about these topics to get the feeling like you should always be productive. This can become a large stressor, when left unchecked. What rarely gets discussed, however, is the imporatance of boredom. I’m […]

Innovation engineering – Be creative

One of the hardest and most effective ways to manage innovation is knowing when to stop managing. Trying to manage creativity is almost always detrimental to the process and end result. Last weeks blog talked about drafting the mission, a mostly analytical process. This week I’ll talk about the second step in the process, unleashing […]

Innovation engineering- Mission

Going to space, building a bridge, being a gamechanger, it all starts with drafting a mission. Whether you are a startup wanting to “Be the leader in tech CRM”, or you’re designing the next game changer. You will need to set the dot on the horizon you are working towards. To make sure the end […]

Innovation engineering 101

The question I get asked most as an innovator is “How do you manage the creative process without impeding true creativity?”. Innovation is perceived as divine inspiration only granted to the select few. I’m here to tell you innovation can be engineered, and I’ll tell you how. I will explain the method I use for […]

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